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Jay Hyme

Berlin, Germany

Minimal, Techno

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Jay Hyme, one of the co-founders of the electroboogie scene in Germany, was born 1969 in Germany. Since the mid 80s he has performed as a DJ at different events his electroboogie sets.

Inspired by artists like Africa Bambata, Planet Patrol and Egyptian Lover, he started to produce own tracks in the early 90s. Jay produces for various artists, and among some of his remixes is a remix for Daft Punk.

His style is the modern continuation of electroboogie, full beatz with warm string sounds and pumping basses.

Since 2009 Jay Hyme has signed at Stanch Records for some tracks.

In Okt. 2009 a new Jay Hyme Remix of Jurgen Scheinz “Yemen” will be released.

In 2010 some new tracks from Jay Hyme will be released.