Top 25k on The DJ List

Jay Good

London, United Kingdom



Johns love of music started at a very early age being brought up on a diet of Simon & Garfunkel, Stardust and the likes, courtesy of his older sister, and progressed when he was given his first “Deck” at the age of 10 for Christmas. Influenced in his early years by the electronic sound of Gary Numan and Blondie also the Ska sound of The Specials. From then on collecting music became an obsession.

Fast forward 10 years and the dawn of the acid house M25 Orbital parties which he attended and became hooked on the house sound. Shortly after he purchased some decks and began mixing and making tapes for friends. In ’93 john got his break playing at various one off parties and clubs in and around London whilst he “cut his teeth”. This was for small promotions namely Maybe Baby, Screams of Passion and Sin. These all featured in warehouses and at such clubs as The Gardening Club, Happy Jacks and Maximus.

In ’95 john was one of the DJs/promoters that helped form the now legendary Debbie Does Dallas parties. This has seen him travel the country on a club tour and has taken the DDD parties around the major venues in London, inc, The Ministry, The Cross, The Glasshouse, Open and 291 Gallery.

In 2000 John held a residency at the Ministry for their in house night Move. At this time was given the opportunity to do 4hr sets alongside the likes of Dave Chambers, Paul Jackson, Timo Mass and Ibiza stalwart Pete Gooding. Also this year John was resident at the Cross for several months at DDD which saw him line up alongside legends such as Terry Farley, Joey Negro and Dave Piccioni.

Further on from several studio projects john launched the Dallas Disks record label in ’03 remixing Jafar & Strobes “coming E.P.” with several releases lined up from as far a field as Panama City and Germany. John also promotes Dallas Disko which allows him to concentrate on the deeper spectrum of things booking guests such as Dave Jarvis, Giles Smith and Tug (Basement Jaxx).

John has hosted several record labels launch parties most recently Dallas Disks but has also included Ouch! records and the prolific Inferno records. John’s musical style varies from the type of night, also the time he’s playing, but mainly is the deep house and can cross over into tech, funky and old skool styles and he’s more than competent in each!