Top 25k on The DJ List

Jax Spike

Nashville, United States

Chill Out, Trance


In such rural areas like Tennessee, people wouldn’t expect to hear the latest sounds in trance being spun while being surrounded by the untamed beauty of the South. Jax Spike hopes to change this perception and show the world that trance is universal.

Even though artists like Andre Tanneberger (aka ATB) and Sarah McLachlan have fueled his passion for music and trance, Jax Spike hopes to create music that uniquely reflects not only the calm and subtle nature of southern living but also the wild and rebellious nature that exist underneath . . . creating a sound that not only speaks to the inner soul but also gets your ass grooving to the dance floor. This dj creates music that breaks down boundaries and unites everyone with a beat and sound that can be heard around the globe. To him, music is a cathartic experience that allows us to get through our daily paces in this mad crazy world and feel something that is beyond explanation or feeling.