As around the mid eighties his relationship with music became reinforced through the four strings of a bass guitar and rock and roll; a decade later Javier Zuker found out ... read more


Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina Argentina
Alias/Collaboration: ZUKER

As around the mid eighties his relationship with music became reinforced through the four strings of a bass guitar and rock and roll; a decade later Javier Zuker found out he could move easily about a universe of sounds that didn’t know of genre-labelling. Since his beginnings as a DJ, his career was marked by this deliberate intention of crossing styles, to the point of being today distinguished as the responsible for merging the rock and the electronic music scenes.

Close to Funk and Hip Hop, in 1991 Zuker took his first steps behind the decks as the resident of Nave Jungla, then one of the pillars of the offbeat movement of Buenos Aires.

Soon after that, his unique sets began to be a regular feature at other places in town, well-attended bars, clubs and symbolic parties, like the ones organised by Rolling Stone magazine. Towards 1998, he consolidated his arrival at big clubs and more demanding audiences: his residency at Clubland ([email protected] Buenos Aires) led him to share the booth with the Argentine DJ Hernan Cattaneo and conduct the warm up of big names of the global electronic music scene such as Fatboy Slim, Layo Bushwaka! and Roger Sanchez to name a few. His international profile was foreseen as successful. In 1999 he traveled to Liverpool to be part of Bugged Out; soon after his mentor, Justin Robertson, stated: Zuker is the king of underground and the future of music.

The new millennium found him participating in one the most outstanding events of the Southamerican picture: the Cream party which received the year 2000 in Puerto Madero with special artistic appearances headlined by Deep Dish. At the same time that his name grew ber as one of the indisputable leaders of the local dance movement, Zuker alternated his residencies (also at Club 69, the leading night of Thursdays in Buenos Aires) with the big hits of his career: in 2001 he took his musical baggage to the beaches of Ibiza (We love [email protected]) and was part of Creamfields UK and Creamfields BA in all its editions.

However, the double face of music/DJ, nourished by rock and electronic music, not only manifests during his sets but also on stage. Zuker joined the live shows of important local bands, like Divididos, and last year became part of the lines of Gustavo Cerati’s latest solo project. After working together at the studio recording the album Siempre es hoy, this year he toured with the ex-Soda Stereo around Mexico adding loops, bases and scratches to his new repertoire; was part of the live performances of the album at the Luna Park stadium and at the Gran Rex theatre; and remixed the track Cicatriz which is included in the recently released CD Siempre es hoy Remixes.

Beyond any disciplinary barer, Zuker’s Z labelled outstanding projects in the media. He was the creator and first interpreter of the international show De La Guarda DJ Connection, that the experimental theatre group adopted as an alternative format for their vigorous production. Also, his music reached television through the theme songs for shows like Ardetroya and TVR and stood out with the spot-on jungle rhythm he composed for the Nike Futbol advertising campaign.

Currently, Javier Zuker continues his residencies at Clubland, Club 69 and Batonga!([email protected]). Also, musicalises daily on Metrodance 95.1 FM.