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Javier Peramo

Almería, Spain

Electronica, Hardcore / Hard Techno, Techno

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Javier Peramo García aka Javi.M was born in 1977 in Tarrasa (Barcelona). He became interested in the electronic music back in 1994 in the famous and notorious Spanish “bakalao route”, getting to play at some private parties of that time. Later on he moved to his current residence in Almeria. There he met Juan Martin (Assaultdrum), Miguel Turned (Substuff) and Edu Martinez. In 2003 all of them decided to form the group HAMcollective, playing techno and hard techno at raves and some local clubs and sharing the DJ booth with artists such as Edu Martinez (Hibernia), Fredy Fuentes (The Red Flats), Flesk, Nito, Zesar Mar, Shrija, Le Cone and many others. He got an interest in producing music following the inspiration coming from Substuff using dark and heavy drums that he liked so much