Javi Enrrique Beatport


born in the city of Cartagena, Colombia in 1988 beginning his career as a DJ for 17 years playing at parties minitk his talent and skill to mix live it has one of the most requested DJ of Cartagena.

second of four brothers to live mixing practiced like a fusion between trance to hip-hop or house music with a mix reggaeton doing if perfect and nice to listen and dance on the dance floor.

in 2002 it was decided to withdraw from minitk parties to engage in electronic music production with different size producers nationally and internationally, remixes of pop divas such as LADY GAGA, Beyonce, Rihanna, among other artist pop music antrum.

in 2009 made his first production called KR-TACHO:was made by the same great support intenacional dj producers making their remixes such as ALI BLACKBLAST Casablanca Morocco, CHUCHO KIROGA Cartagena Colombia.