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Jason Short is young, tirelessly enthusiastic, and stands as one of San Francisco’s emerging techno DJ/producers in a scene gaining international recognition for new sounds and fresh directions. He didn’t arrive here by accident though; it is literally a decade’s worth of hard work in the making. The resourceful Short is the co-founder of the popular San Francisco label Auralism as well as one half the production duos Coalition of the Killing (COTK), Eutactic & Kyaro. Through these outlets, he has released an array of tracks and remixes on notably diverse labels- from Chris Fortier’s Fade to Falko Brocksieper and M.I.A.‘s Karloff Recordings. From his Fog City HQ in SF, he has planned road campaigns this year that include return trips to South American and Europe. Short also speaks of a 2009 as a time where he is looking “…to shock everyone with my new music”. Tired of the growing malaise in the dance music community, Short is eager to dust up the status quo this year with some memorable techno cuts. Tracks focused on strong melodies with the same intense psychedelic personality he’s become recognized for internationally. But Short also yearns, like any true artist, to showcase his wide range of musical emotions with a full length album that exposes his love of IDM, ambient, dub, and cinematic soundscapes. He promises to unveil that material on a much-anticipated Jason Short full-length due later this year. He hopes to catch a lot of the chin-stroking technorati off guard. You can submit your comments to him in person at one of his many upcoming DJ or live PA gigs somewhere in the world. Or better yet, Short suggests, make the pilgrimage to San Francisco and catch either the monthly party Lil’ Brother or one of the Aural Therapy one-offs. It is here that he and Auralism have built a strong foundation by playing host to other like-minded characters such as Dave Aju, Mikael Stavostrand, Elon, Alland Byallo, Touane among countless others.



*Auralism Records – Jason Short “Pheromonal” [July, 2009] Digital

*Auralism Records – Jason Short “Cutting the Losses” [April, 2009] Digital

*Nightlight Music – Coalition of the Killing “Surrealestate EP” [Spring, 2009] Digital

*Auralism Records – Coalition of the Killing v. Eutactic “What of the Future EP” [Spring, 2009] Digital

*Blipswitch – Coalition of the Killing “We are the Glitch EP” [Sep 2008] Digital

*Auralism Records – Eutactic “Hypnogogia EP” [Summer/Fall 2008] Digital

*Fade Records – Kyaro “Vortices” [Summer/Fall 2008] Digital

*Karloff Reckording – Coalition of the Killing “Backwards on Pony EP” (June 2008) Vinyl/Digital

*Lobotomy Records – Coalition of the Killing “I Modulate You EP” (June 2008) digital

*Auralism Records – Coalition of the Killing “Too Many Machines” [Mar 2008] Vinyl/Digital

*Auralism Records – Jason Short & Clint Stewart “Mimetic” [Feb, 2008] Digital

*Auralism Records – Miguel Colmenares & Jason Short “Trading Abuses” Feb, 2008] Digital

*Auralism Records – Luther Mandross “We Set Them Up the Bomb!” [Feb, 2008] Digital

*Auralism Records – Coalition of the Killing “Alpha y Omega” [Feb, 2008] Digital

*Auralism Records – Le Chou Chous “Tu Balli” [Feb, 2008] Digital

*Auralism Records – Kyaro “Good in a Bad Way” [Feb, 2008] Digital



*Nightlight Music – Alland Byallo “Pattern of Me” (Jason Short & Clint Stewart Rmx) [Spring, 2009] Digital

*Vellum Recordings – TWOMF “And so we Danced” (Eutactic Remix) [Spring/Summer 2009] Vinyl/Digital


*Defchild Recordings – Juan Perla – “Casasviejas” (COTK Remix) [Fall 2008] Vinyl/Digital

*EQ – Chris Fortier “Under your Nose” (COTK Panty Splashers Mix) [Fall, 2008] Vinyl/Digital

*Boz Boz Records – Quivver – “Two Notes n a Beat” (Jason Short Remix) [November, 2008]

*Blipswitch – Kenneth Scott “Wmp” (COTK Remix) [Fall, 2008] Digital

*Auralism Records – Limaçon “Dark Glitz” (Jason Short Remix) [September, 2008] Digital

*BlipSwitch – Joe Rogers “Dream Again” (Jason Short Remix( [Summer, 2008] Digital

*Manual Music – Miguel Colmenares “Modelos a Escala” (COTK Remix) [August 2008] Digital

*Fade Records – Kyaro “Vortices” (COTK Remix) [Summer, 2008] Digital

*Lobotomy Records – Rob Dowell “The Proposition” (COTK Remix) [Summer, 2008] Digital

*Aurailsm Records – Lance Desardi “Match Point” (Jason Short Edit) [July, 2008] Digital

*Lobotomy Records – AOE “Methodical Funk” (Jason Short Remix) [May, 2008] Digital

*Siteholder Uncut – Billy Dalessandro “Are You There?” (Jason Short Remix) [Feb, 2008] Digital

*Nightlight Music – Alland Byallo “Tried” (Jason Short Remix) [Feb, 2008] Digital

*Auralism Records – Roman Stange “Paratroupr” (Jason Short Remix) [Feb, 2008] Digital

Mix Cds:

Auralism Records//“Aural Therapy 1.1” mixed by Jason Short [Nov, 2007] CD