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Far from being just another DJ, Jason LeMaitre is first and foremost an accomplished purveyor of exceptionally good times. Jason has successfully combined his two greatest passions-a love for music and a desire to please-with his instinctive ability to throw unforgettable parties. The result has been Jason’s well deserved ascendancy to a position of DJ prominence in the Seattle music scene over the past three years.

Creating an intoxicating mix of dirty beats and accessible track selections, Jason weaves a seamless and enchanting tapestry of house, progressive, breaks, and trance that commands attention, ensuring that everyone feels like an active contributor. Always the first to embrace new sounds, Jason is naturally far ahead of the trends around him and exceeds in his relentless pursuit to make the electronic scene palatable to everyone he encounters. Even those who might never imagine themselves listening to ‘techno’ find themselves lured into dropping their inhibitions, opening their minds, and letting go of stereotypes. Determined to get even the most reserved person excited to party and on the floor, he isn’t satisfied unless EVERYONE is having a good time

Combining a party philosophy with a strong work ethic seems to balance LeMaitre’s sets on the verge of choas… Never taking himself nor the scene too seriously keeps Jason free from the shackles of conformity and more intensely focused on ensuring that the best of times are had—all under the guise of serious party business.

Whatever makes people happy and sweaty is what Jason instinctively plays. From ethereal landscapes to primeval tribal beats, funky grooves to nasty bass filled breaks, he leaves no-one left out and continually finesses the sweet spot between house and trance which keeps the bar sales as high as the waiving hands during a massive breakdown. All the while creating a distinct sound all his own courtesy of live re-edits performed with digital processors and plenty of chutzpah.

Jason is quickly building a solid career founded on true friends rather than ‘business associates’ and is currently residing on three separate radio stations, one of which he hosts weekly with subscribed listeners from Australia to the Czech Republic.Considering the extensive performances he is giving at every major venue in the Northwest, the private parties he continues to throw, and the time he is beginning to spend in the production studio, it’s not to hard to imagine the world being a much happier place once they have met Jason LeMaitre!