Jason Dunne

United States


Jason Dunne Beatport


Fort Lauderdale native Jason Dunne is arguably the United States’ fastest rising progressive artist. His numerous mixed-CDs and singles aside, Dunne’ experience with live audio mixing would make your average DJ/producer blush. After attending the prestigious Institute of Audio Research and Center for the Media Arts, Jason put his audio talents to use at a variety of nationally and internationally televised events including Super Bowl XXIX, the World Cup, the Stanley Cup playoffs, the Grammys, the Emmys, the World Series playoffs, and a laundry list of concerts for groups like Pink Floyd, Elton John and Metallica. Since moving to Chicago in 2000, Dunne has set his sights on his true love: progressive dance music. As the driving force and A&R rep behind the newly founded Sunrise Recordings, he wheels and deals with world renowned DJs and producers on a daily basis, doing his part to establish trance and progressive house in the United States. In addition, his original singles (“Jet Set,” “Stay With Me,” and “I’ll Be There,” the latter co-produced with Josh Collins and Greg “Stryke” Chin) and mixed-CDs (Of Epic Proportion, Trance: A State of Altered Consciousness, and Sunrise Sessions) have cemented his place among dance music’ elite. When coupled with his staggering booking schedule across North America, you can see why Dunne is such an eminently popular – and for that matter, marketable – commodity.