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Jason Case

San Diego, United States

Progressive House

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bassCASE, the mastermind behind the intriguing music productions of bassCASE; was born and raised in San Diego, CA. His musical influences were generated from early Rock & Roll, and his thematic roots come from an old school hip-hop background. His love for Electronic Dance Music evolved at the age of 16, when Southern California’s ‘Underground’ and ‘Massive Festival’ scene began to marry. Upon stumbling across dance music, his passion fell deeper than the lights and unity of people- his passion for production became his driving force, and his career. bassCASE worked with various production and lighting companies both inside and beyond music festivals, and smaller parties. Sound design became bassCASE’s ultimate ambition, and he pursued his passion with a career in audio engineering. Today, bassCASE has proved himself as a sound engineer, a producer, DJ, and all around savvy dance music individual.