Jason Aj Summers

Piscataway, United States


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Jason AJ Summers, AKA DJAJ AKA DJ Bird, has been DJing all over the NY/NJ metro area sharing his signature vibe of real soulful house music for 30 years.

He started N Sync Inc Records in 1992 which led to the famous “Toll Free Project EP” Series. “Natural” became a smash classic track after Tony Humphries and Louie Vega put it in heavy rotation in their mix sets. MAW’s “Love To Love”, featuring Jody Watley and Roy Ayers was a remake of the original -N-Sync Inc version featuring Tangi Reese. The original was actually a

remix by Jason AJ Summers and DJ Don Juan of a down tempo jazz rendition by Martin Davis and Chris Payne of 111 East Records.

Over the years Jason developed many friendships that helped shape his musical career. A few include: Larry & Mike Labirt (New Generation Records), Patrick Green (Sofitone Records), Larry Rauson (NGR, Luxury Prod.), Chris Payne (111 East Records), Sandy Rivera (KOT), DJ Don Juan (-N- Sync Inc), Barry B and Todd Williams (88.7 WRSU FM), Tony Tune (91.5 WNYE FM)

Currently Jason AJ Summers is a world class DJ/Producer under the banner Souljerz Ent. Team Souljerz is a group of talented music professionals, DJs and produces that love music that inspires. AJ and his team are busy with production, radio and live events around the NJ metro area. So Keep watching, and keep it soulful!