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Tilburg, Netherlands


Jar Beatport


Jar (real name: Jarzinho Nobrega) was born on June 27th 1978 on Curacao, Netherlands Antilles. He began to play drums on his 13th and played in several bands and various styles of music ever since (from Antillean music to hardcore/metal to reggae). In 1995 he moved to the Netherlands where he continued playing drums in different bands. He’s currently also playing in the reggae band Mystic Breeze.

In 1999 he started working with turn-tables for the first time experimenting with techno and tribal which later became the main ingredients of his spinning style. In the beginning Jar performed underground exclusively, @ some occasions even co-hosting parties. Later he was invited several times to perform @ 013 in Tilburg. Jar’s audience and gigs increased over time.

He is also one of the administrators of the PureDJ Community, where you can hear him perform live almost every week in his own radio show! Thanks to his past (and present) as a drummer, you will feel his rhythmic and percussive touch to techno. Jar will also be releasing some own music very soon so keep an eye on this site!