Jaques Beatport


Jaques has been spinning wax since December of 1998 when he happened to meet an old dj friend in Bar & Kitchen News, who told him the bar was looking for a new dj. Jaques had his first gig the next night. Having listened to electronic music since the early 90’s Jaques had already been exposed to the different genres and found his heart and soul belonged to various sounds of house music.

From 1999 until 2003 Jaques continued developing his skills and sound from its early vocal style to a more progressive pumping beat. Playing at News for three years, local student nights during his studies in the UK and finally at his own Thursday night club called Soleil, Jaques made new contacts and friends especially within the Helsinki club scene.

2004 then became the year when all this hard work and commitment started to bare fruit. Several gigs, organizing of events and an expanding network of friends and contacts in the Finnish club scene. At the moment Jaques is one of the founding members of Helsinki Underground Collective, resident at the weekly Bootleg club, member of The Player’s Club organization and actively participating within several other club organizations.

Jaques has had the opportunity to play alongside such dj’s as Fine, John Larner, Klabi, Maniac, Wiljam, Mekaanikko, Nigel, OlliS, Oxid, Richard Reykjavik, Slater Hogan, Tres, and WCDJ.ORG amongst others.

Over the years Jaques’ sound has evolved from its roots of vocal house into a more progressive and edgy sound. Today his sets travel between deep simple funky house grooves, pumping tribal sounds, techy progressive beats and even to the rough and dirty world of electroclash. But don’t categorize Jaques because he might just flip the script and surprise you.