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Szombathely, Hungary

Electronica, Tech House

4House Digital
Jankec Beatport



DJ Jankec was born in Szombathely on the 29th of May 1974 and grew up there too. This city, an important centre of the Hungarian dance music, led to a movement of many well-known DJs and artists, like Tommyboy, Cadik, Slam Jr., and the Anima Sound System.

After his studies and conscription he starts to taste to the night-life and party-organizating. In his careers beginning he was the club manager and promoter of the acknowledged Hungarian club, Romkert.

In 1994 Jankec creates and develops his first project JSB Promotion which was an advertisement – and event-organizer booking agency. One year later, the successful Club Papaya requested him to the duties of promoting and managing, where he got totally freehand.

After many years of promoting the time had come to start his DJ-career. The place and the chance was given at the Papaya, and the desperation hasnt fall away. Soon proven his talent to use the turntables and rocking the crowd, so he got residency in the tech-house room of the two-storied club.

As he says: the perfect place to acquire all crafts of the profession. At first time his DJ-palette was very colorful, tribal-house, progressive-house, and techno. But only high-quality music. Step by step evolved his individual own sound, which is the tech-house, and the techno. Shortly became the favorite of crowd, and he got the invitations one after the other.

Jankecs big break came in 2001 when he starts work together with the Titan International. The heads of Titan, DJ Felipe and Peter Sardi realized the skills of the young talent, his high-experiences in profession, and his human values, and soon his joined into the Titan International. Since 2002, he is the main artist of Titan International, what means that the Hungarian borders opened to Europe. Peter Sardi says: His happiness, his dynamic and specific individual sound is amazing, except that his experiences behind the sectors.

At the end of 2003 he finished his residency, and club-manager position, because he didnt be able to reconcile it with the flaring invitations and firm-duties. For these days through his brilliant own sound he became one of the favorite DJ of the Hungarian party faces. He regularly plays at the main Hungarian clubs and biggest electronic-music festivals.

He has played in clubs and events such as Mayday Hungary, Gazometer, Cocoon Night Tour in Hungary with Sven Vath, Revolution, I Love techno, Cocoon Night Tour with Marco Carola, Sziget Festival, Summer Of Love (Czech Republic),Dubrovnik Sand Storm festival (Croatia) and so on

He has played together with Sven Vath, Marco Carola, Josh Wink, Umek, Westbam, Chris Liebing, Danilo Vigorito, Gaetano Parisio, Rush, Adam Beyer, Speedy J, Marco Bailey, Stanny Franssen, Valentino Kanzyani, Cristian Varela, etc