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Janette Slack- not the usual…

When director Doug ‘Scratch’ Pray set out to find “people who Embody an independent attitude” for his short film series ‘Veer’, he hit the bullseye with Janette Slack. In the film you meet a strong-minded DJ/producer with intelligence, experience, an exhausting schedule, and dreams of world domination. In the flesh you get exactly the same thing.

Janette’s funky house-driven progressive and breakbeats have rocked Australia, Asia, Europe and North America – from the hottest spots in Montreal to desert parties in California. She’s an experienced producer and remixer, and that’s before you mention label-management, club production, stage management, modelling… Catch her if you can.

DJing- progressive and house-driven breakbeatsInternational DJing came early for Janette. She mastered her native Hong Kong with residencies throughout 2000-2001, took on gigs across the rest of the world, and is now based in London. Drawing on elements from progressive house, electro and breaks, she has a very defined signature style, but also the breadth of taste to explore the full range of the scene.


Janette has guested on numerous radio shows including a live appearance on Ministry Radio, BreaksFM, NuSkoolbreaks Radio and has a residency on the Born Idle Radio show on IBREAKS.


Janette shares a monthly residency with the Disposable Breaks DJs, in London’s Inigo. And holds numerous residencies around Europe.


She’s appeared on bills alongside the Plump DJs, Leeroy Thornhill (Prodigy), Hybrid, Freestylers, Future Funk Squad, Tayo, Jonathan Lisle (Bedrock) Hyper, Stanton Warriors, and more.


2004 saw Janette headline events all round Europe and the UK, including Russia, Italy, Spain and Greece. 2005 will see her touring Asia, Europe and the US.


A studio force to reckon with…


‘In Session’ (IBreaks) Dec 2004 DJmag said “In artist for the future”. Received enthusiastic support from all the major players in the breaks scene, including Hybrid, BLIM, Atomic Hooligan, Stanton Warriors and Future Funk Squad.

Hear more of Janette’s productions online here.Janette sees production and DJing as inseparable. No mere bedroom producer, she has the technical know-how to drive studios large and small, and experience recording both electronic and rock acts. After completing an Audio Engineering course with distinction in June 2002, she sharpened her skills as Audio Engineer for New World Music Group. Guys who mistook her for just a pretty face have been severely humbled when she set them straight on the finer points of their equipment.

Other stuff

Here it gets really frantic.


2002-03 Janette set up and ran her own record label, Cold Fusion, where she collaborated with Botchit Breaks newcomer, Xav, for the first release. This track, Quark, rode high in DJMag’s breakbeat charts.


A qualified teacher, Janette regularly donates her time to community projects teaching underprivileged kids the art of music making and DJing, focusing on the latest music equipment and software.


In 2004 director Doug Pray (of hip hop doc ‘Scratch’ fame), chose Janette as a subject of a day-in-the-life documentary, ‘Veer’, about ‘people taking a different direction’. A subsequent Dr Martens ad campaign based on Doug’s films means you can see Janette in magazines across the world, especially in the US.


She keeps it very separate from her DJing, but Janette’s not proud to make some money from her looks, (Vauxhall Cars, Pepsi, Theme) and music videos (Ms Dynamite, Lisa Mafia…) Watch it though – call her a glamour DJ and she’ll spit bricks at you.


Janette knows the nightclub industry from the inside out, with experience from general nightclub production/management, to stage-managing events involving the likes of Vivienne Westwood. To get her hands on the hottest tunes, what time she has left after all this is spent working for leading retailer Know How Records in Camden.