Janbaz Beatport


Janbaz hails from Istanbul, Turkey. He was drawn to music at the age of 16 when he started collecting records. Janbaz seriously got into electronic music in 2000 and his DJ career started on a local electronica radio show. Shortly after that he began to perform regularly in bars, clubs, events and festivals.

In 2007 Janbaz divided his time between his employment and passion and produced his first release called “Still Growing”. The 2008 follow up was the ‘Kommunicate’ album released on his label, Zey Productions. He finds inspirations in producers like Aphex Twin, Ilhan Mimaroglu, Ricardo Villalobos and Alex Smoke. Although he uses a lot of techno, minimal, idm, glitch, blip and experimental elements in his music, electronica is still the closest to Janbaz’s heart.

Janbaz and producer friend Burcu Gokmen have set up a new label called Zey Productions in order to feature their own tracks, as well as tracks from the hottest artists in Turkey and around the globe. The label is focusing on releasing tracks by respectable artists in the intelligent dance scene.