Jan Plexy

Pula, Croatia



DJ Jan Plexy was born on 15th December 1983 in Pula, Croatia. At the age of 14 he showed interest for DJing. For a long time he couldn’t get himself a pair of turntables on which he could practice, so when he grew up enough to work he started to save money for equipment. Since January 2002 he has been playing on decks. His style didn’t change from the beginning of his career. In his sets you can hear pure techno sound with tribal and old style disco elements. He soon solved the two turntable technique so since November 2002 he has been playing on three decks. Every day practice brings him good mixing skills. On 9th may 2003 he won the local DJ competition and became more popular in the world of electronic music. He has played alongside with DJs such are Marco Bailey, Trevor Rockliffe, Petar Dundov, Roberto Q. Ingram, Felipe and more. The founder of Team Addictive is not just a DJ, he also producing music in his home-studio. If you are a true techno sound lover you won’t be disappointed by this young guy.