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Jan started producing electronic music at the age of 16. Especially fascinated by the harder and uncommon styles of music like Drum n’ Bass and underground Hardcore Jan didn’t take a long time to find his real passion: Hard and dark Techno. In order to present his favorite music and especially his own music to an audience he started DJing some time later. In 2007 he had his first chance to play his first gig on a newcomer-contest at Fusion- Club in Münster/Germany. Several gigs followed, especially in his former hometown Saarbrücken.

In the end of 2008 he published his first vinyl release “Turn Red” on Sven Wittekinds label Inflicted records, which became a great success and was played on events like nature one, mayday or syndicate by the most famous representers of the hard scene. Afterwards he released and remixed techno and hardtechno tracks on many more labels like Abstract, Frown, Distorted, Black Circus or Animasola and his tracks were featured on the most recent Techno-CD Compilations like the Syndicate-Compilation series, Schranz & Loops, The Best in Hardtechno, Decibel, Xtreme Hardtechno, Schranz Total or the Q-Base Compilation.

Receiving more and more attention for his tracks and his live-act performances which are combining his own style of dark, melodic and industrial atmospheres he is constantly playing in clubs all over europe and even played several times at events in south america (Venezuela and Colombia). He is also often part of festival-lineups representing the harder styles like Q-Base Festival, Nature One, Montagood, Ruhr in Love, Liberty White or Toxicator.

Club Bio

Fusion Club Münster

Etage Eins Saarbrücken

Sansibar Koblenz

Ex-Haus Trier

Modul Club Heilbronn

Turbinenhalle Oberhausen

B-seite Stuttgart

Butan Wuppertal

Underground Kaiserslautern

Ambulance Club Köln

H1 Music Hall Bingen / Palazzo

The Most Open Air Kiev / Ukraine

USB Camp Nature One 2009

Criminal Camp Nature One 2009

Nightlive Neuwied

Kitu Club Saarbrücken

Elektroküche Köln

Basic Club Tielt / Belgium

Tanzhaus West Frankfurt

Essigfabrik Köln

Kamikaze Würzburg

Kulturgut Trier

X-Club Dortmund

USB Camp Nature One 2010

MS-Connection Mannheim

Parabel Club Freiburg

Elektron Club Bischeim / France

S38 Koblenz

Studio 111 Saarbrücken

Metro Club Sala / Slovakia

Loft Club Graz / Austria

La Cova Barcelona / Spain

Stereotronik Festival / Spain

Mikroport Krefeld

Nature One 2011

Subland Berlin

U60311 Frankfurt

L-Club Würzburg

M-Box Kaiseresch

100 Tage Bar Saarbrücken

Footworxx Brugge / Belgium

Mergener Hof Trier

Grüne Rakete Trier

Kasino Club Bingen

Liberty White Festival / Belgium

Kunstpark Köln

Fabric Club / Bulgaria

ICC Ghent / Belgium

Sound Hotel / Czech Republic

Ateneo Pop / Venezuela

3KM / Colombia

La Clandestina / Colombia

Casa 33 / Colombia

Ruhr in Love Festival Oberhausen

USB Festival Wuppertal

Nature One Festival 2012

Q-Base Festival 2012

Montagood Festival Spain

Zollamt / Stuttgart

Studio Saglio Strasbourg / France

Calle Club / Venezuela

Arkloween Open Air / Venezuela

Culteum Karlsruhe

Cloud 9 Groningen / Netherlands

Stressless Club / Portugal

Unsichtbar Saarbrücken

Toxicator Festival / Mannheim

K-Lab Club / Italy

London Underground Ludwigshafen

Mo Club Saarbrücken

Ruhr In Love Festival 2013

Nature One Festival 2013

The Qontinent Festival 2013 / Belgium

Q-Base Festival 2013

Tube Club St. Wendel

Imagination Festival 2013 / Czech Republique

Four Runners Club Ludwigsburg

Airport Würzburg

Kunstpark Köln

Barcode Club Naples / Italy

Simfonija Club Planina / Slovenia

MTW Offenbach