Jamie Drummond Beatport


A Scottish based DJ, Jamie Drummond has fast earned his reputation as one of the most exciting talents to explode onto the scene; the rate of his ascent has been nothing short of staggering. Armed with an uncompromising style that was solely designed for dance floor destruction, Jamie continues to win new legions of fans with every gig he plays. It’s fast… it’s uplifting… it’s spine tingling peak time music that demands the biggest reactions from the best crowds in the biggest arenas.

Despite being just 22 years of age, Jamie only begun to teach himself DJing in the past 2 years and the key to this success however remains the same – Jamie’s unshakable commitment to pushing the boundaries of club DJing. Combining technical talent, a desire to embrace the latest digital deck technology and a unique ability to instinctively connect with the crowd his highly visual frenetic performances are simply jaw dropping. His mind-bending manipulation of the music makes you question both your eyes and ears. Moving swiftly and deftly his fingers harness the energy of every beat, making each sound divine as he bounces along to every twist and turn in the track, compelling the crowd to just unleash themselves on dance floor.

Unbelievably passionate about music he infects the crowd with his energy, captivating them with his highly visual performances (his interaction with the crowd has got to be seen to be believed!) and jaw dropping turntable trickery – he really is a ‘true’ DJ.

It’s a talent that translates worldwide, with him able to deliver a heart stopping set ANYTIMEANYWHERE

Jamie’s pure dedication and discography is already enough to turn any upcoming DJs green with envy, having already begun to conquer the Edinburgh Club Scene in the last 12 months and now is obtaining a firmly established reputation on the circuit… THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!