Jamie Chambers

Cardiff, United Kingdom



Jamie didn’t get into dance music till late, after spending most of his youth playing various bands or following the rock band Oasis around the country.

Jamie finally found dance music in early 2001, and found the music he love’s US House after going to a night hosted by one of Cardiff’s flagship promoters Lamerica.

In late 2001 he purchased his first set of decks. Then in the summer of 2003 he made his debut at Dempsey’s in Cardiff, and followed this up by hosting his own nights Las Iguanas & OZ Bar in Cardiff to promote his sound.

In between these events he guested at a night called the DJ Labratory, which is hosted by Lamerica to promote up and coming DJ’s within the Cardiff area, then 2004 secured a residency at The End Cardiff.

Since then Jamie has guested at various other nights in the UK including Soul Funk Groove, Tangerine, Cool House, Mischief, and Enrouge.

Jamie’s proudest moment to date, was hosting an evening in The Loft for Lamerica at one of there now infamous “Emporium Night Club” in Cardiff, which was both a pleasure and brilliant moment for him.