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Legend states that people in the past headed west to find gold and prosperity to have a better lifestyle. Recently, DJs and producers are no exception, as many migrate westward in search of finding the new golden sounds that move the dance floor. Luckily for electronic music audiences anywhere on the globe, the gold of the west now comes to them, in the form of James West. Hailing from Tampa, Florida, James West was heavily influenced by industrial, gothic, and metal music. This is heard in his original productions, usually characterized by his dark, evil, tech house sounds. Also, there is the occasional ethereal, light heartedness needed for creating a perfect balance. His music features basslines so chunky and powerful, the pressure in your ears exploding compares to that of a 747 jet engine propelling you into an altitude 20,000 feet. As the first member of the Audiopilots, his soundscape creations encompass all directions of the globe. For over seven years, his characteristic style of DJing has helped him move the dance floors. His unique style of blending and layering tracks helps him communicate a new message to his audience as he pilots them on a sonic journey. Never hitting the autopilot button, James West flawlessly mixes and remixes tracks live for several minutes together as he performs. He uses their summation potential, to help his crowds cruise at a higher, comfortable altitude. Like most DJs, James has been inspired by many from the past that have journeyed west, such as Sasha, John Digweed, and Carl Cox. He has played in numerous destinations including New York, Seattle, Charlotte, Miami, Amsterdam and as exotic as the Grand Cayman Islands. On his journeys, he has accompanied other superstars including: Christopher Lawrence, Hybrid, Donald Glaude, Rap, Jody, Richard Vission, Uberzone, Rennie Pilgrim, Crystal Method, Evil Nine, Darude, Pete Bones, and Magic Mike. Now, James West has begun to unleash his full DJ and production potential through his digital recording contract with Fiberlineaudio.com. He is also in the process of releasing an upcoming Fiberline Audio mix CD, as well as his own vinyl release on an upcoming Seattle record label. Showing no technological boundaries, Mr. West has been a previously featured artist on the well acclaimed internet radio station, Proton Radio. Continuing in the forefront and supporting the future of DJing, he is a resident DJ on two other internet radio stations, Frisky Radio and Etn.fm. When James West takes over the cockpit, put your tray tables in their upright positions. You had better unfasten your seatbelts and head for the dance floor. James West will be sure to take you on a first class journey into sound.