James Miller Jr

United States


AKA: Jmj

Moving Shadow
James Miller Jr Beatport


Undoubtedly, James is one of the most gratifying DJs to watch. Fully appreciating the magical power behind house music, JMJ consistently pumps its innate feeling of celebration and joy into the rave and club patrons all over the US and Canada. With a super magnetic personality and stage presence, screaming skills behind the steel, and a 2-die-4 track selection, the people’s man James Miller Junior consistently delivers block rocking sets of blistering funky house music.

With a signature style of house that’s laced with screaming synths, fluctuating filters, pounding basslines all splashed with funk-a-delic, can-you-feel-it, heart-of-Chicago-disco, there’s no wonder why no one sits down during his sets. Seamlessly fusing turntable tactics that would turn the heads of even the most jaded ravers, energized showmanship that allows for a connection with his audience that the most experienced performer would kill for, and dropping 25-30 records an hour, also validates JMJ’s’ abilities to mesmerize his audience. Stomp your feet and raise your hands, as the confetti falls from heaven and this crowd pleaser plants a smile on everyone’s face – and an imprint on our house loving hearts.

With appearances at clubs like Snakepit (Denver), Tunnel (DC), Level (South Beach), Shelter (NYC), Comfort Zone (Toronto), Electra (NH), Ushuai (Maine), Asylum (Springfield) and massive rave events all over the US and Canada, (& even a performance @ the world reknown Bay Side Expo Center in Boston), James has solidified his fan base, from a structure of pure adoration for underground rave culture, dance music, and his magnetic personality.

Feverishly working in the lab to recreate the wheel of house music, James (alongside partner Knowledge), have started stirring the cement of a reputation of a production duo that is known for quality. His latest record (along w/ Raoul Zerna / Knowledge) hits shelves early Dec, & with being big system tested and dance floor approved, it’s another for sure hit for COK recordings. Following a stringent release schedule, the highly anticipated “All American House EP”, and double disc CD & DVD will be released late April.