Top 25k on The DJ List

James Galloway

Southampton, United Kingdom

Open Format


James has always had a passion for music. At the age of seven, he was bought a keyboard, (which amazingly still works), which he used to write his own music. At age 14, James went to an under 18’s night at Ikon Nightclub, Southampton, where he discovered dance music for the first time. James was hooked on not just the music but the atmosphere and became a regular. During a trip to Tenerife aged 15, James saw DJ Tiesto and knew then that he wanted to be a superstar DJ, so he saved up and bought decks. Being musical, it was not long before he had picked up the basics and was hungry to learn more advanced skills.

Learning his crowd pleasing skills at friend’s house parties and open deck nights in Southampton, James developed a sixth sense for which tune the audience wanted to hear next. Consequently, whether playing the most commercial of pop/ dance sets or the darkest of drum n bass sets, his ability to play to the crowd ensures that every tune goes down even better with the crowd than the one before it. Combine this with impeccable mixing skills and some formidable scratching fills and you have an up and coming superstar DJ, who’s destined for the top.

James has recently started a Higher National Diploma in DJ Skills at the prestigious Vestax DJ Academy at ACM. He is taught by Les Adams (NY2, Equinox, Destiny and Liquid residencies as well as being a DMC World Championships judge 10 years running), Jamie Griffiths (formerly of Hybrid), Jim Jomoa (World renowned Hip-hop and house DJ and producer) and Chad Jackson (Former DMC World Champion) and has also received a personal master class from top DJ Jazzy Jeff (who was incredibly inspirational). As James learns in an environment where everyone is a DJ, he has access to information on all aspects of the music industry.

James is currently learning music production as part of his course at the Vestax Academy. He has just finished his first trance track in the studio called Laura under the artist name JG and is currently collaborating on funky house, trance and drum n bass projects. He is also looking to start his own record label in the next 6-8 months. Refusing to be pigeon-holed into any one genre, James plays commercial dance, trance, funky house, hard house, hip hop/ RnB, jungle and drum n bass depending on the requirements of the venue/ night.

So far he has played in Strikers, Southampton, Old Fat Cat, Southampton, Toad at The Park, Southampton, Hampshire Ram, Southampton, The Above Bar, Southampton, The Devils Punch Bowl, Hindhead and Bar Mambo, Guildford. In July 2004 James came second in the final of the Old Fat Cat’s DJ Wars, missing out on first prize by less than 1/4 of a percent of the vote. James will enjoy the challenge of coming first in his next competition.