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James Diamond

San Francisco, United States

Electro House, Tech House

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James Diamond grew up in the greater Oakland area of the San Francisco Bay Area. He started his musical career playing guitar at the age of 10. He first got into dance music after being a part of the underground party scene in the early 90s in San Francisco and as his passion grew for the music so did his desire to make and manipulate the music. He traded in his guitar for turntables in 1995 and hasn’t looked back since. The result of his musical experience is a unique blend of rocking funky music that James Diamond has been showcasing his skills for over a decade.

In 1999 James decided to take a vacation and moved to San Diego. He quickly began playing a weekly residency at what happened to be the last after hours club in San Diego. He continued headlining at some of the top clubs in San Diego for a couple of more years.

In 2002, James Diamond took time off from the club circuit for personal reasons. During this time he fine tuned and further developed his musical style as well as began working on producing his own music.

In 2004, he has reemerged bringing with him a new arsenal of musical attacks. He is now returning to the international dance scene with force. Don’t forget to check out his weekly radio show on Techno.FM every Friday 7PM EST (GMT-5).

In 2007, James has moved to the East Coast. He will continue spreading the music as he sets up home base in Hartford, CT.