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A most known representative of a lower-Silesian Polish techno scene, that makes live-acts (from ’97), produces, and djs.

He began composing using software trackers on Amiga computers as a child, in ‘91. Later he started to collect hardware and learn how to make full professional live-act’s.

In 2000 he published a CD Album called “Live Acid Sessions” (LeKOS, PL); he was also an author of “Meadow 303” (CDC Rec., CZ) CD Album.

JRK creates music, jingles, sounds and sound effects for various companies, organizations, etc. He plays nearly everywhere in Poland, as an example in every top club in Wroclaw and also in “Nova Lokomotywa” and “Przestrzen Graffenberga” in Warsaw, “Kanty” – Jaworzno, “Metro” – Bialystok, “Hormon” – Kielce, “Pientro” and “La Strada” – Lodz, “Relax” – Leszno, “Iskra” – Swidnik, “May Day party” near Lublin, “Technosis” – Czerwiensk and also at many free techno parties/ teknivals.

Jakub Rene Kosik freely plays techno and acid techno and also many other genres; currently he plays progressive & tech-house stuff very often.

Actually he uses following hardware when playing live-act:

- Korg Electribe ESX1 Valve Force

- Yamaha RM-1x

- Korg Electribe ES-1

- Roland EG-101

- Korg Electribe EA-1

- Fostex DE-1

- Korg Electribe ER-1

- Behringer UB1204 FX Pro

- Behringer VMX100

- Numark DM 1002 MKII

- Behringer DFX69 Tweakalizer

He acts with many top polish dj’s and also with international dj’s, like DJ Emerson, Holgi Star, Leandro Gamez, Oxia, Marco Remus, Oliver Ho, Jack de Marseille, Asem Shama, Alex Bau, Chris Liebing, Rafael Araujo, Takaaki Itoh, Alex Flatner, Pet Duo, Lawrie Immersion, Animatek, Chris Liberator, Henry Cullen aka D.A.V.E. the Drummer, Paula Temple, Darc Marc, Julian Sandell aka Julian Liberator, Martyn Hare, and Mark Hawkins.

Jakub Rene Kosik’s tracks, created alone and also in co-production with one of the top polish dj’s, DJ Grooveliker. He has great feedback form various producers, like DJ Preach, DJ Emerson, Asem Shama, Henry Cullen aka D.A.V.E. the Drummer, Dirty Bass, Alex Flatner, Martyn Hare, Rafael Araujo, and Andy Slate.