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Jake Walmsley

Derby, United Kingdom

Electro House, House

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Jake Walmsley is a British DJ, born in Derby, England. His primary focus on music revolves around various house genres. Aspiring to become a signed artist – Jake works very hard to juggle his passion around his full time job as a Structures Inspection Engineer.

Music has been a huge part of Jake’s life, Learning to DJ at just the age of 11 with his fathers old mixing decks hidden away in the garage. Jake quickly became well known around his school for his mixing of tracks.

At the age of 13 Jake discovered and downloaded the demo of the production software ‘Fruity Loops Studio’. YouTube was launched 3 years after this event, video tutorials were not around at the time. Jake sat for hours and hours trying to piece together the complex puzzle that is Fruity Loops.

Jake, once part of the YouTube duo ‘Syncsta’ who made the 13 million hit video “The Gay Barbie Song” created a huge following of over 86’000 subscribers on their YouTube page. Their page sadly closed down in 2010. Jake and Chris are still best friends and spend time with each other and went possibly, make a little music.

Jake’s remixes and tracks have had over 300’000 downloads over the internet. You can find his releases on many house compilation albums/iTunes and various other websites.

Music being his passion, signed or unsigned he will always have love for creating music and to all those who continue to follow him and support him, you are the main contribution to his music production. He is truly grateful.