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Jake Leonardo

New York, United States

Electro House, House

Noiseporn Records, RuNT records
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Young Australian born Producer Jake Leonardo, started his career with a strong passion for music and the drive to succeed. Picking up his first instrument at age 8 and further growing his instrumental education to six instruments by just age 16, his interest in music started to venture to electronic sound. Djing in some of the highest and finest clubs in Australia at just legal age of 18, he worked his way up in the night club industry playing and supporting some of the best in his country.

At 21 he located to California to live for the next year where he was able to play in venues all over North America, locations including Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, Miami and New York. After 18 months living abroad the decision of residing back to Australia to his home town of Adelaide, allowed him to start his endeavor as an Electronic Dance Music Producer. Taking all his knowledge and experiences gathered over the last few years he placed them along with large amounts of money into a home studio and the beats began.

“Knowledge is power whatever you’re talking about and more then ever when it comes to music production”. Jake Leonardo states as he went through the confusing stages of a learning producer. Fate came his way when he bumped into local Fidget producer Christopher Scott aka Mr. PheR. An industry relationship that began in previous years when the young DJ/Producer supported the Fidget artist at a Festival event sparked them to unite in a production manner.

“Music Production is a science, not just throwing a bunch of instruments together hoping for the best” Jake Leonardo was able to learn and experience first hand music production with the helping hand of PheR.

As time passed, his first release ‘You Are My Drug’ was signed to RuNT Records and released in Mid 2011. The underground house track being released online to all major distributors gave Jake Leonardo a name in the industry. Now with something to prove his next tracks ‘Show Me Where The Party’s At’ and ‘New York Party Time’ released soon after, showed that the new producer knew what he was doing.

Now getting the acknowledgment of blogs and other Record Labels around the world gave the name Jake Leonardo credibility to produce a ‘clean’ track. His next project with much controversy ‘Coka Cola’ was a Nu Disco sound with a very catchy hook. ‘Coka Cola’ was signed and released to RuNT Records, becoming Jake Leonardo’s highest played and earning track to date.

The Australian EDM Producer then decided to move back to North America, choosing New York & Toronto to be his home base. Taking a break from originals, Jake Leonardo stepped into the remix world when record label PBR offered a remix of ‘We Rock’ by Tyler Hampton. The remix was signed and released by PBR Recordings in August 2011, just 4 month after his first release.

JL then reconnected with close industry friend PheR to do a feature in his EP release ‘GET FREAKIN’. Noiseporn Records, familiar with Artists such as Plump Dj’s & Angger Dimas, signed the Electro House EP that boasts six tracks of the best work mixed by the producer. ‘BREATHE’, ‘SUNDAY, House Banger ’MR BRAZIL’ and featuring track ‘GET FREAKIN’ was then added to the growing list of originals by Jake Leonardo.

During the production of the successful EP ‘GET FREAKIN’, JL was working on a fresh release of his own ‘SMASH IT!’ which was a sound that the artist hadn’t delved into before. With its building epic entrance and SMASHING drop, the new track defined Jake Leonardo as a Music Producer that can be recognized in multiple styles of Electronic Music. The track being signed straight away and released at the end of year, closing 2011 a very successful year for Jake Leonardo.

Coming into January 2012, the first remix the producer ever produced was signed by ‘Club Session’ and released on the popular compilation ’WE’LL HOUSE YOU’ featuring other artists, Tom Piper, KLAAS, Boogie Pimps and many more. Jake Leonardo confirms his sound for 2012 to have a more melodic style set for the larger crowds.

With such quick success in less then 12 months the young Jake Leonardo looks to be a guaranteed up & coming.



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