Top 50k on The DJ List

Jair Freak

Bogotá, Colombia

Electro House, Hard Dance



In a country dominated by the House and the Electro, Jay R Freak is considered at the moment by the DJ-Magazine vestibule as one of the influential deejay-producers but in the Latin American scene as far as Critical moment talks about. Deejay-Producer & Remixer, that go from the dark and deep sounds of the Electro to Tribal Grooves loaded of and TH (Trancer House), always fused with celestial harmonies and melodas of Critical moment & Progressive. Its race in 1998 begins when as soon as it was 12 years old, influenced mainly by the program of Afterfarra radio of the first transmitter of electronic music in Colombia: Oxygen (97,4 fm) and its conductor the deejay-producer Sergio Romero. Its period of learning in DJ-Seth goes until year 2003, in this period Jay R Freak touches for celebrations deprived until getting to have its first DJ-Seth in radio station for a called program Electronic Insomnia in the same radio station that saw it grow, this time lead by the speaker Hctor Contreras. In year 2004 one becomes participates and pioneer of the Bogotrax festival, where it shares scene with djs of France like Jedi and Konix, before a public of more than 500 people; in that same year, Electronic Large city participates in another called festival, where it makes his first presentations in clubs, counting like of greater importance its DJ Seth in the Avalon club, where it makes debut before public to clubber. Until then, Jay R Freak maintained his style Critical moment NRG during the massive festivales, however, when entering in the average one clubber, Jay R Freak discover the Progressive style, which enters to handle and it gives entrance him to clubs like Tropical Cocktails and Insomnia, in which it was touching periodically until March of 2005; also, during this period field in radial means is opened, making more newspaper its DJ-Seth in Electronic the Insomnia program of emitting Oxygen (97.4fm), and in where it ends up obtaining a DJ-Resident next to the DJ Harley of the same radio station. During the second part of year 2005, Jay R Freak fuses his accumulated experience and passage by the legendary of Bogota’ clubs is opened, among them the club the Room, this time working altogether with the Bogota group Critical moment, created by the Deejay Mr C Fat, and with the collective Critical moment Fusion, directed by the Canadian Deejay Spirax, in a called concept T2 Circuit. Jay R Freak already had accumulated experience not only in the field of the DJ-Seth, but also in the field of the musical production, motivated mainly by the conversation that had with the London DJ Tall Paul in 2005, that argued that deejay that does not produce its own music it is not worth anything. This way, Jay R Freak sends his first track call Metropol Dream in 2006, inspired by the visit of the Dutch DJ Rum Van Den Beuken, brought by the promotional group Bogota Critical moment, and in where Jay R Freak discovers his talent in the field of manadgment making contact advertising in mass media for this event. Already in 2006, Jay R Freak continues his expansion and arrives at places of all Colombia like the club Atika in Bucaramanga, Tropical Cocktails in Manizales, Koori Beach in Cartagena and celebrations deprived in Armenia, Tunja and Villavicencio. In Bogota he continues touching in places like the Room, Antiphon, Barbarella, and participates both in more important aids of djs of the of Bogota’ scene, one of the Clandestine side underground called in the category of DJ and Producer, and another call Heinneken DJ Selection. During this period he shares Stage with djs local of the stature of: Gabriel Odn, Sonic, Giovanny Mathaeux, Mateo Castro, Jay Way, Bluekim, Andres Power, Chazz, Wave, Yndukana, among others. In 2007, Jay R Freak sends to DJ Mr C along with Fat the concept United Artists, a radius show of Critical moment & Progressive, which simultaneously transmits for all Latin America and the United States through server Indemix, a Mexican concept created by the DJ Carlos Bataller of Mexico D.F and Fernando Gypsy dialect of Buenos Aires (Argentina). In this instance, the DJ-Seth de Jay R Freak begins to listen in cities like Guadalajara, Mexico D.F., Cancn, Buenos Aires, Lima, Cuzco, Quito, Montevideo, Santiago, Chicago and Miami. Later, the concept United Artists is allied with concept + Nescafe in Colombia, where they enter the scenes of new Colombian clubs like Penlope, Like Me and Metropolis in Bogota. As far as production, Jay R Freak sends to the market his track Alchemy, first single of Critical moment for Alicia Records, of Bogota’ seal of house, which says much of the influence of Jay R Freak in the local scene. Later, he sends his singles Loved and Tradition with the Juno seal record, London seal with representation in Colombia, which allows him to enter booking of agency Latinamerica Sounds, directed by Dechno from Manizales, which handles booking of deejay-producers in all the planet. At the moment call finishes its last track Meter poli, de Progressive-Trance, which sounds with great success of DLA Radio, not only in single, but also in the DJ Sets de Jay R Freak next to Luchoraver for the program Pure Love Sessions of this same station. In the present, Jay R Freak and Mr C fat continues with the concept United Artists from the server Radio DJ Magazine of Mexico, present version of the old Indemix concept next to Luchoraver, a.k.a. Alexis and Andres Gou in Bogota, Fernando Gypsy dialect from Buenos Aires and Carlos Bataller from Mexico D.F.; however, now United Artists adds to its concept the work of agent-promoter. Additionally the project Colombia Freaks, made up of Andrs Malagn (deejay), Sebastin T (Percussion) and Jeff works in its first Live Act along with (Guitar)