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One of, if not THE most noticeable and unique artist in the Kenyan DJing scene, Jahawi is now extending his reach and planning to bless Europe with his talent.

The responsibility to live up to such a unique first name is big, and Jahawi makes sure no one doubts his ability to deliver. His vibrant and energetic sets, artfully compiled to provide the crowd with their every desire, are famous for their success and long-lasting impression.

Inspired by anything from cuisine to his personal life, his sets have been on many an occasion compared to mind-blowing physical pleasure and ‘a true spiritual experience’. Not many can establish such a profound and emotional relationship with a crowd and satisfy them on all levels.

With a mix of soul, originality, kink and natural talent, this young star is practically unstoppable. It seems that he has mastered the art of learning from great artists and outstanding music while maintaining a healthy balance between those inspirations and his own distinctive style.

It is hard to tell what Jahawi will be up to next. Even his closest friends find it difficult to predict his frequently changing location, let alone what he has set out as his new conquest.

One thing is certain – it is well worth keeping an eye (and an ear) on Jahawi.