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Cologne, Germany


Cypher, SPEKTR3 Records
Jagger Beatport


In the year 1997 he had his first contact with electronical music, due to the nightlife. In the meantime, it has taken an important part of his life to buy its records, but also simultaneously to concentrate on those miscellaneous items around, which are equally important if you dedicate to this kind of music intensively.

After he had finished the first resident job, at the former night house in Bonn, where he was mixing every Sunday night, he began to intensify his efforts. In the meantime he has been Djing, as well as organizing events for over 8 years.

In 2000 Groove Adventure was founded by himself and 2 other DJ’s. For the next two years they consecutively organized all events, and were also responsible for a Club “Sause Knigswinter” where only new, young and electronical music was played.

2004 Groove Adventure got divorced and Shakin’ Vibes ( with partner Peter Gallein) was founded soon. They’re keeping the Deep In Lounge, a little club, which is located in Siegburg. Shakin’ Vibes rotates through the region Cologne/ Bonn with several party-series at different locations, e.g. Sensor Club, Sause, Magic etc.

The sound which Jagger plays, fluctuates somewhere between House and Techno, but is always pumpin, pushin’, deep simply 100%.

So far, he has been organizing an uncountable number of parties, or has been working as DJ. You will definitely meet him there, where music is getting played and the people are dancing.

For the beginning of 2006 his own Label “Shakin’ Vibes Recordings” will start with the first release with two tracks of Richard Grey & Pure Science from London and a Shakin’ Vibes Remix by Jagger & Chisi.