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DJ Jaf is a North American DJ who’s focus is original house music without boundaries. Specializing in electronica, including house, techno, and trance, DJ Jaf started his DJing career in 1990. Since then he has made a career of it. DJing everything from smoke filled clubs to upscale private parties, DJ Jaf is most versatile. In 2005, after years of mixing other folks music, DJ Jaf’s debut CD “From Studio G” was independently released. The CD consisted of several different genres including house, techno, old school warehouse, and even some chillout. This CD is no longer in print. To hear tracks from this CD please go to the official DJ Jaf website.

2006 is expected to be an exciting year for DJ Jaf. Between producing new music and DJing, as well as meeting new DJs, fans, and friends. Plans for Jaf’s 2nd release are in motion. The new CD is expected to be released sometime in late 2006. The new CD will be mastered by New York sound guru, Les Thorn, from LTMuzick. By being an unsigned artist, DJ Jaf has total creative control and has plans to take advantage of this. Mixing sounds produced on outboard equipment with the latest in computer software, Jaf’s sounds are often personalized with trippy sounds which have become his signature trademark. Let the music be your master.