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Ushered into electronic music in 1995 by the likes of Astral Projection, Paul Van Dyk, Andy C and Björk, Jade has always tried to make music a huge part of her life while growing up. Whether it be organizing neighborhood dances in her garage as a child, playing in the school orchestra/band, singing in a choir, being a strong supporter of the her local punk scene and now being a dj she seems to know the importance of being surrounded by music. Jade has always been influenced by music that “moves you,” which appears to be the reason why electronic music is what she favors. As it is known for its energy and non-stop beat that keeps the dancefloor shaking for hours on end.

Mixing since July 2000 and a follower of the genre known today as Jungle/Drum and Bass for 5 years before that she has made unbelieveable progress with her dj skills in so little time. Jade first started learning how to mix on her friend’ turntables and during this time she began buying her own tracks on vinyl. Her friends noticed her potential and encouraged her to start really concentrating on her mixing. Some time had passed and she found herself being asked to play her first event at the Lorax Manor (Eugene, OR) in March of 2001. February of that same year brought the release of her first mix cd (w/ Wikk!d) titled “Domination.” One month later her first solo mix cd titled “This One’ for the Bass Heads” followed.

Known for her “wise” track selection (even before picking up djing) Jade seems to never let the dancefloor down by keeping the music hard and dark at times, but not ever forgetting to let the music’ energy just chill out. Djs and Producers by the likes of Andy C, Ed Rush & Optical, Dillinja, and Bad Company as well as labels including Moving Shadow, V Recordings, Prototype and Trouble on Vinyl had lured her into listening to Jungle and still play an influential role on her track selection to this day.

Her involvement in the rave scene doesn’t just stop with djing. Jade has emersed herself in nearly all aspects of the scene by taking part in event promotion, decorations, setting up sound, photography, graphic/web site design, vending and the most current venture of co-founding the NorthWest US online rave community known as Kandieland.com. At this point her future goals are to possibly try her hand at producing or being a vocalist.