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Collombey, Switzerland

Chill Out, Minimal

Intension Muzik
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Record Labels : InTension / Harry Klein Networks / Fantastic Records

Party Labels : MiniShake / MegaShake / ChicaBoom!

Festivals : Break Da Röstigraben Festival / Chocolate Festival

Jacqui was born and bred in Zambia, Africa and comes from a music lovin’ family.

She organizes 2 of the biggest annual daylight parties in Switzerland; Chocolate Festival and Break da Rostigraben Festival at the Pyramides de Vidy. In Lausanne

Jacqui started her MiniShake / MegaShake party concept in 2006 and to date, has organized +- 50 parties under this label in less than 4 years. It is the only concept to have been hosted in 9 venues throughout the whole of Switzerland.

ChicaBoom! Is her latest party concept, designed to promote female artists, not just because they are girls, but because they can play!

The kind of music she plays is funky, groovy, interesting electronic music or, as she likes to say, “Whatever makes her bum hum”

She is regularly in Tribal Zone Studios with Franco Mento, dabbling at this and that and they have released tracks on 2 free compilations signed to Harry Klein Networks. They have also released on the net label; InTension (available on Beatport) and their next release will be out in December 2009 on the new label for Geneva Fantastic Friends.

At her best behind the turntables, Jacqui joyfully transmits her natural love of music which is probably why she could easily be considered to be one of the most popular Swiss djs of her register today and plays regularly in international cities such as Berlin, Lisbon, Dublin, Hamburg, Paris, Barcelona and Munich.


“Daylight Party”

Frank Master & Jacqui

Marry Klein Compilation 2007

Harry Klein Networks

(+30’000 downloads to date)

“Chanté Chaud”

Frank Master & Jacqui

Bongolize it! Compilation 05

Harry Klein Networks

March 2008

“Chanté Chaud”

Frank Master & Jacqui

InTension Musik

(Re-released July 2008)


Having clocked over 500 parties throughout Europe, it is hard to list all the artists she has shared the turntables with. Here is a list of some of the great artists she has played with: for more details please visit the site.


ADA (Areal / DE)

Adomat 3000 (Einmaliens /DE)

Akufen (Trapez /CAN)

Bang Goes (Motoguzzi / CH)

Bloody Mary (Sender / DE)

Bruno Pronsato (Telegraph, Hello?Repeat / USA)

Chicks on Speed (Chicks on speed rec. / USA)

Chloé (Tigersushi, Katapult FR)

Crakhaus LIVE (Musique Risquée /CAN)

Crowdpleaser (Mental Groove /CH)

Christian Burkhardt (Oslo / DE)

Dan Berkson (Poker Flat, Crosstown Rebels / UK)

Daniel Dreier (Klang Electronik, Higrade / DE)

Daniel Meteo (Katapult / FR)

Dario Zenker (Num, Esperanza /DE)

Die Galoppiernde Zuversicht (Bruchstueke / CH)

Digitaline (Cadenza / CH)

Dilo (igloo, Found Sound / Argentina)

Dualisim LIVE (Archipel / CH)

Effect (Effectmusic / IT)

Ellen Alien (BPitch Contol / DE)

Eurokai (Liebe Detail / DE)

Fabrice Lig aka Soul Designer (F.Com / F)

Franco Bianco (Dilek / Argentina)

Franco Mento (Ray Gun, Tribal Zone / CH)

Funwerkstatt (Super Fancy Recordings / DE)

Gaiser (Minus / USA)

Gregorythme (Cadenza / VD)

Gurtz (Einmaliens, Igloo / Argentina)

James What (Einmaleins, Poker Flat / UK)

Jeff Samuel (Pokerflat / DE)

Kabale Und Liebe (Remote Area / NL)

Kane Roth (LessIzMore / FR)

Lee Curtis (Adjunct / USA)

Lee Van Dowski (Num, Cadenza / CH)

Luciano aka Lucien N (Cadenza, Perlon / CH)

Magda (Minus / DE)

Markus Fix (Cecile / DE)

Martin Landsky (Poker Flat)

Mathew Herbert (UK)

Mathias Kanden (Vakant / DE)

Micheal Mayer (Kompakt / DE)

Mike Wall (Produkt, Safari / DE)

Miss Fitz (Archipel, SushiTek / DE)

Pan – Pot (Mobilee, Einma Leins Muzik – DE)

Paris the Black Fu (Pokerflat / USA)

Paul Kalkbrenner (Bpitch Control / DE)

Phage (Klang Electronik, Higrade / DE)

Pheek (Archipel, Left Room, Adjunct, / CAN)

Pikaya LIVE (Cadenza /DE)

Reboot (Cadenza / DE)

Rose & Ulysse (Liebe Detail / FR)

Serafin (Mountain People / CH)

Smash TV (Bpitch Control / DE)

Sonja Moonear aka SM Junction(Perlon / CH)

Taylor Savvy (Kitty Yo / CAN)

Thomas Shumacher (Get Physical / DE)

Vera (Robert Johnson / DE)

Violette (Einmaleins / Argentina)