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Jacob Husley was born in Denmark, moved to London in the year 2000 and have since been engulfed i the London music scene. As a music producer firstly as part of live electronica jazz group Nocturnals touring with Giles Peterson, then moving into the house and techno sound as one part of with techno duo Husley & Gunz who was signed to Rui Da Silvas label Kismet records in 2005 and moved into the international club scene. Subsequently Husley was building up his reputation as a dj and promoter of his own parties in London. He teamed up with Peter Pixzel and Cormac and Launched WetYourSelf! in 2007, the party quickly established itself as the main weekly Sunday night party in London.

WetYourSelf! launched it’s own record label in 2010 and this is now the main outlet for Jacobs solo productions and have been played and supported by diverse artist like, Nick Curley, Konrad Black, Chloe, Alex Under, Pig&Dan, Kiki, Laurent Garnier just to mention a few.


I Got Sunshine EP Jacob Husley WetYourSelf! Recordings 2012

I Got Sunshine Original (Jacob Husley)

I got Sunshine (Chole Remix)

I got Sunshine (Sian Remix)

Sangue Bom original

Gold Bears (original)

Bolero’ (original)

Do What You Want EP by Jacob Husley WetYourSelf Recordings 2011

Do What You Want (original)

Do What you want (Mathias Mesteno)

Do What You Want (Dexter Kane)

Into You (Original)

Cold by Cormac (Jacob Husley&Peter Pixzel Remix) WetYourSelf Recordings 2011

Gorrenzo by Alex Under(Jacob Husley remix) WetYourSelf! Recordings 2011

Love is by Pig&Dan Jacob Husley & Peter Pixzel remix) Iligal Records Alien records 2010

Ay Que Ver (Jacob Husley & Peter Pixzel Remix) by Pig & Dan. WetYourSelf Recordings 2010

Change (Husley & Gunz) Oko Recordings 2009

Change (Original)

Change (Betoko Remix)

Change (DeLicious Remix)

Change (Noianiz Remix)

Africa EP (Husley&Gunz) feat. Alex Vieira Kismet Records 2009

Africa (Original)

Melta a Seltzer (Husley & Gunz remix Kismet Records 2009

Wet Yourself EP (Husley&Gunz) Kismet Records 2008

Wet Yourself (Original)

Wet Yourself (inxec Remix)

Wet Yourself (Saso Recyd Remix)

Wet Yourself (Stereo Addiction Remix)

Wet Yourself (Mr Basslo Remix)

New Pleasure EP (Husley&Gunz) Kismet Recordings 2008

New Pleasure (Original)

New Pleasure (Peter Pixzel remix)

New Pleasure (Mastiksoul mix)

New Pleasure (The Cube Mix)

Hard Nights – EP (Husley&Gunz) Sixtyfour Records 2006

Hardnights (Original)

Remolde (Original)

Track Bullet (Original)

Nocturnals EP 2005 (Nocturnals) Jazznowcollective records

I Miss (Original)

Husley (Original)