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JackRock’s music comes straight from the heart of Bulgaria – Sofia City. Born Hristo Ivanov in 1980, JackRock began his career in 1996 during the “dark ages” of the Bulgarian techno scene. He has since become one of the most popular and respected DJs in the country. JackRock has performed in numerous clubs and venues all over Europe as well as Egypt. His sound is stylistically diverse and charged with electrifying energy that creates rocking explosions on dance floors.

For the last eleven years, JackRock has frequently teamed up with another big name on the electronic scene, DJ Balthazar. In 2006, they produced and released their collaborative debut record “Rockin’ Dancefloor”, which includes remixes of songs from Eric Sneo and Cave. The EP reached 1 on the Musicmail Distribution charts and made its way into the sets of renowned DJs Marco Nastic, Dylan Drazen, Pedro Delgado, Marco Lenzi, and Ortin Cam. Their second release “Moonshine” included a collaboration with Kobbe, a fellow DJ and American producer. “Moonshine” was an instant success and immediately appeared in the live playlists of Carl Cox, Marcel Woods, Preach, and many others. Marcel Woods even took the initiative to personally introduce the single on Judge Jules’ show on BBC Radio 1.

In September 2006, JackRock worked on a new remix with the number-one Bulgarian electronic/rock band Gravity Co. His version of “Empty World” became part of the band’s third studio album. The following two years also proved to be extremely productive for the Balthazar/JackRock duo. They released over thirty new songs, including the single “Tribalero”, which reached 16 on the house music charts of Beatport. In 2008, JackRock received the Best Eastern European Producer Award from SeeMe, the largest online forum for electronic music in Eastern Europe.

In 2009, JackRock and Balthazar started Renesanz, an independent record label and agency for electronic dance music. In the short time since their inception, the Renesanz dance parties have grown immensely popular and have become a national trademark for Bulgarian dance culture. During the last few years, Renesanz have organized parties and events with over 150 international artists and DJs.