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Jack Martin

Long Beach, United States

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Jack Martin Beatport


The Long Beach local hero.

Jack Martin grew up just outside Berkeley, CA but moved to Long Beach six years ago to pursue better opportunities in the southern California area. After graduating from Long Beach State in 2001, he has moved on to taking advanced courses in psychology towards a masters degree.

Musically, Jack’s palate is quite diverse. He began his musical career by learning guitar, but when rock interests gave way to electronic passions, he switched to turntables as instrument of choice. DJing now for almost five years, he has moved through different phases of techno music – from trance, to house, breaks to progressive. To this day, a typical Jack Martin set will have elements of all of these, with rock and 80s thrown in for variety.

Jack has gone from his humble beginnings, just like any local DJ. He began with a radio show on Long Beach State’s own K-Beach radio, showcasing techno music not heard on other formats at the time. That eventually led to an internship at Nettwerk Records, in the dance department pushing artists like BT and Tiesto.

It was in 2000 that Jack started mixing at small venues and frat parties in Long Beach, then moved on to a year-long stint at the biggest club the city had to offer, Club U4EA. From there, he quickly made the transition to the King of Clubs in Orange County, Club Rubber, thanks to his eclectic sets and powerful stage persona. Today he can be seen at Rubber, as well as at gigs around the socal area and Vegas as well.