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Jack Daniels

Saint Kitts and Nevis

Open Format

Sour Mash Audio, Sur+, Tequila Trax
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Jack Daniels is a man, who was born and lives in a very odd place called Sinise Kassi Kuningriik. This is a big province in Saint Kitts & Nevis. Word ‘DJ’ is not very widespread in that country. Since Jack started to be the first one there, he has to play all over the country. Like he says: “I have to fly with plane a lot to get my technics”.

He started in 2004. Same year he began making music. At the end of December his first album ‘Almost Original’ was also released.

In free time this “animal” lives happy life. He sometimes takes a part in some film. Then he often likes to tell jokes about the king of his town. He is absolutely cool man.