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Dj Jabberwocky is a really unusual dj. His background and whereabouts are completely unknown, all we know about him is what he reveals. “Djs are really overrated this days, most of them claim to be as important as a musician, when all they can do is spin a record…well… at least in some cases” uncompromising, mysterious, idealist, he is truly a box full of surprises.

Through his performances he intends to change the way a dj set is put together and give the world a much more realistic vision of what electronic music is, and how it fits in the music world. Playing up to date hits, as well as old, unusual and very rare tracks for the dance floor, he fights the demons of boredom and monotony with his odd new sound as his weapon.

“I’m not afraid of anything, I can play everything at all on the dance floor. From catchy easy-going top of charts tracks, to soundtracks from Japanese series, old dance beats, remixes of forgotten songs. You name it, I can bring any song at all to the sound system…well…I have to like it of course. It’s all about giving the audience some really interesting stimulation”.

He dares to play tracks most djs would turn purple of embarrassment of only reading the title, he possibly holds the world record for bringing most songs never before heard on the dance floor.

Despite not being afraid of any musical style, he has a predilection for house. His sets are short (usually no longer than an hour) but he usually leaves the crowd on fire. “I really feel sorry about the dj that has to play after me. I end my set with the audience wanting more, and few djs are up to the task of filling the appetite I’ve opened in my listeners”.