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J3 Nyc

New York Mills, United States

Electro House

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J3 is a mysterious young artist that thrives in uptown New York City, having

been musically educated there. He has learned how to play multiple instruments,

sing, write, and produce. All of which has helped him to project a unique urban

style, while performing in all types of clubs and local T.V. stations in

Manhattan. J3 has gained experience, musical skill, and inspiration through the

sinister, unrelenting, awe-inspiring melting pot of the New York City

atmosphere. Through this experience he has gained the ear of the very talented

Steve Sola A.K.A. the Mix King of Plain Truth Entertainment and together they

have joined forces to create new edgy and inspiriting music.

J3 Wanna See You Dance Reviews:

Wow. I liked the video for Wanna See you Dance.It’ll be the one that sells you a lot of cds. Good luck, Steve. Be cool.

[email protected]

It’s a nice summer track, perfect for a beach party.

Arjen Koopmans / Mr.DeVo!


DJ LoverBoi

Club Mix works well for me – Supported!

Pete Farmer

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