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J Trip

San Francisco, United States

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DJ J-Trip est. 1982

“You know what it is!”

Born and raised in San Francisco Joseph’s (DJ J-Trip) love of music began with his first set of drums at the age of six in 1988. Originally growing up only liking Hip-Hop the more instruments he learned the more his appreciation for all genres of music grew. As a teenager in the 90’s his interest began to diversify more when he started listening to Alternative Rock, House, and Metal. Continuing to expand his musical horizons he began to play in local rock bands in his hometown playing guitar, drums, and bass and occasionally writing/producing music.

J-Trip’s curiosity grew for the art of djing after a surprise guest lecture from DJ Q-Bert at one of his San Francisco State University classes. A few years later in 2008, after parting ways with a band he played lead guitar for, his fascination with djing materialized when he bought his first set of Technic 1200s. Shortly after taking to djing and practicing every chance he could he began rocking clubs and rapidly learning more about his craft. J-Trip now spins weekly at some of the tops clubs in the Bay Area and weaves a blend of House, Electro, Hip-Hop, and Rock into sets. Either behind the decks or in the promotions circuit J-Trip continues his passion for creating something unique. The learning never stops and the love of music never ends.

.:: Venues DJ J-Trip has played at ::.

Vessel (San Francisco, CA)

Roe (San Francisco, CA)

Slide (San Francisco, CA)

Noble (San Francisco, CA)

330 Ritch (San Francisco, CA)

JetSet (San Mateo, CA)

B4Twelve (Palo Alto, CA)

Impala (San Francisco, CA)

The Grand (San Francisco, CA)

EastSideWest (San Francisco, CA)

Manor West (San Francisco, CA)

Harry Denton’s Starlight Room (San Francisco, CA)

The Cellar (San Francisco, CA)

Farenheit (San Jose, CA)

4Fourteen inside of Ruby Skye (San Francisco, CA)

Fluid (San Francisco, CA)

Eve (San Francisco, CA)

The Parlor (San Francisco, CA)

Christy’s on the Square (San Francisco, CA)

Atmosphere (San Francisco, CA)

Matrix (San Francisco, CA)

Rendezvous (San Francisco, CA)

Supper Club (San Francisco, CA)

Monroe (San Francisco, CA)