This is one producer to keep an eye on, he has been producing since he was 18. Before that he was a regional Headlining DJ throughout the Midwest and the east coast. He was also part of Sonik Fuzion, Chicago. And turned down moonshine to produce instead of DJing. Now he is co-founder of Sub Zero Productions with DJ Shan Tran. He also releases his produced tracks under his label Mafia Records which can be bought at and some older ones that aren’t as great can be found on under mafia productions. DJ Shan Tran and J-Sin have plans on another partnership as well and that would be a vinyl store. So you may be thinking who is this kid? But be warned he is going to be one of the next big Producers. Producing all styles, is his cup of tea. So support this DJ and have him send you links to some of his tracks.