This is J. Scott G's life, and it unfolds like God's origami. Each crease hides some new twist waiting to be revealed to fans hungry for the next big thing. His pursuits, h... read more
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Genre: Electro House, Electronica
Alias/Collaboration: DEEPSKY

This is J. Scott G’s life, and it unfolds like God’s origami. Each crease hides some new twist waiting to be revealed to fans hungry for the next big thing. His pursuits, having carried him around the world touring with the legendary Deepsky, have danced all around the vast arena of music’s many styles. From insightful, vocal-driven grooves with Summer Channel to the rocking, near-metal force of the Whiteline Allstars, to his own dance floor stormers, Scott has displayed a necessary ferocity of purpose and disregard for rules. Some people defy convention. J Scott G. lays waste to it.

Madonna knows. Seal knows. World-class weirdo David Bowie knows. Those who have been worked over in the studio by J. Scott G. have always been ecstatic about the results, sometimes frighteningly so. It was rumored that Madonna’s camp was going to ditch the single release of “Hollywood” until it got a dive bomb style treatment from Scott. That outcome was in stark contrast to the Bowie debacle, which never made it all the way to the public – strangely, though, the central female figure in that series of accusations lost all credibility when she turned to starring in hardcore pornography after a week in Barbados with Scott and the Assembly Line Studios crew. Assembly Line Studios recently earned it’s first Platinum record for work on the Twilight Soundtrack.

Tucked securely away somewhere in Austin, Assembly Line Studios West is doppleganger to Whiteline Allstar Kevin 131’s D.C. based camp. The left coast has often been a campground for J. Scott G., but travel to exotic locales is never out of the question. He will disappear for days, sometimes weeks at a stretch, and reappear with new scars and new sounds. To see him unpack is a bit unnerving – somehow, upon return, his suitcase is overstuffed with women’s underwear (not in his size) and odd metal canisters with the faint aroma of sunscreen and vodka. This level of jet-setting would drive many to distraction, but Scott handles it all with aplomb; in fact, the schedule only seems to drive him harder – By his own account, Scott rarely sleeps more than two or three hours a night and still maintains the energy to push forward on public and private fronts.

And so the sound continues. Several projects are ramping up for Scott, with a new Summer Channel album in the works. Co-writing and production finished on the new Soul In The Machine record, and buzz hovers about a collaboration with 2009 American Idol – Adam Lambert, that should blow everyone away and set fire to the stagnating world of pop music. Look to the future for excitement. Look to the past for mystery. Look to J. Scott G. for the sound.


J. Scott G.