J-Prez is from Peterborough, Ontario and is one of Toronto's most sought after DJs who has been spinning for 17 years. He has several CD compilations under his slipmat with... read more


Location: Toronto, Canada Canada
Genre: House

J-Prez is from Peterborough, Ontario and is one of Toronto’s most sought after DJs who has been spinning for 17 years. He has several CD compilations under his slipmat with his recent, Trippin on Tribal vol. 5, the follow-up to his last release, Trippin’ on Tribal vol. IV.

This recent release sees the maturity in his production and deck skills he has mastered along with a well programmed collection of Tribal beats sure to get the floor moving.

J-Prez is a current resident at Toronto’s Film Lounge, CZ (Comfort Zone) and Lush in Hamilton. Not to mention a regularly booked and favourite of the Escape-Tour summer boat cruises in Toronto.

He has played at such venues in Ontario as, Berlin Nightclub, Heatwave (Oakville), Splash Nightclub (Burlington), Koolhaus, Love Sexy, X-it (Digital), Life Nightclub, Money Nightclub, Devils Martini, Roxy Blu, Mad Bar and Limelight. He has also played in Quebec at, Le’rissou, Chez-Henri, Hartwells and Zap.

He has had his Trippin’ on Tribal vol. IV CD reviewed in Scenester Magazine. As well as been featured in Freak Entertainment’s DJ Report with honorable mentions on bpm: TV in their daily DJ Buzz on bpm: TV’s website and a soon up and coming on-air interview.

A self-taught professional DJ J-Prez keeps his crate spiced up at all times making him a distinction among many. After leaving Peterborough he headed to Ottawa and then onto where it all happens for any DJ in Canada, Toronto. From here he played the Top 40 clubs and soon crossed the street to where the sounds of House beckoned.

His style he describes as, ‘starting off not slow, but with something that catches your attention, something that isn’t too hard and then takes you on a roller coaster ride, up and down, ambient for a second, and then it’s in your face. It’s hard again’.

J-Prez has a deck presence which builds up any dance floor, ensuring eruption. He is a professional through and through. One thing he finds to be of utmost importance is to feel what the crowd is feeling in order to deliver what they want. ‘I go in a little earlier then my set; spend a half hour listening to the other DJ. I don’t want to play what he or she has in the last hour.’

He has opened for DJ Keoki and played alongside many great Canadian deck talents such as, Deko-ze, Addy, Nathan Barato, Sydney Blu, el Duran and international talent, Behrouz. He has also closed for The Scumfrog.

J-Prez has to be one of the most humble of DJs out there making him a pleasure to work with. He is a great asset to any one club’s residency or special event. He invites interaction with those on the dance floor and possesses a willingness to spend time with them. Open to suggestions, ideas and keeping his ear to the ground for original, unique tracks is what makes J-Prez one the most versatile DJs today.