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Jakarta, Indonesia


The Sound Of Everything Deep
Izo Beatport


Alex, known as Izo, had explored many different genres of electronic music back in the united of states. He discovered his passion for dance music scenes in ‘95 and started his DJ career when he moved back to his hometown Jakarta as resident DJ at the renowned Manna House, formerly known as Manna Lounge. Together with his partner DJ Heru, he formed Houselife in 2001.

Influenced by the West Coast House as his music background, Izo has been involved in the forefront of Jakarta’s growing dance music scene such as Rhythm Unity I & II (Jakarta), Independence Dance the Nation (Bali), Jakarta Movement 2003 and also the Java Jazz Festival 2005. Izo’s style has become synonymous with his special delivery of groovy House with elements of techno and underground house. Many things influence him, more than just one sound. If its quality music and he enjoys it, he’ll bring a little bit of everything for a broader music experience.

An avid records collector himself, the creativity on his mind combined with his passion for art and music, making him one of the rising talents in the industry. Izo has had his share playing alongside Gilles Peterson, Kenny Hawkes, Harry Who, Dimitri From Paris, Shuya Okino (Kyoto Jazz Massive), Yukihiro Fukotomi and many others.