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Audiotrix, Chip Jockey, Network 23 / Expressillon
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Born in Somerset with Celtic Roots – named Ixy by her little sister from the age of 4 – stumbled upon a large magic mushroom field at a tender age and the resulting experiments were to shape her developing imagination for the rest of time.

Influenced by local travellers and a BBC news report on the peace convoy she left home at the age of 17 to live on the road as a horsedrawn traveller and Spent 3 years wandering around England meeting up with others at free festivals and horsefairs .

After getting involved with a DIY party up in Nottingham and attending various festivals where travelling sound such as circus warp and the free party people had set up , she became slowly more and more hooked to electronic beats and the developing rave culture.

1991 – During a summer of travelling between somerset and kent in search of apple picking work – Spiral Tribe events absurdly and coincidently seemed to keep cropping up in their path …

They become known as the"horsedrawn hardcore" quoted in ID magazine as "travelling to raves by horse and cart " and aparently because of her own mobile sound system – a ghetto Blaster wired up to an enormous truck battery in the door of her wagon that was booming out home made mix tapes recorded from the radio,she was invited to London to the Spiral Squatt to have a go on the decks ………

As winter arrived the pull of London Warehouses and repetitive electronic beats became too strong and she sold up her horse and joined the tribe – training obsessively to become a DJ and spending every last quid on what was to become a lifelong passion – vinyl.