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Shanghai, China

Electronica, Tech House

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With her sexy hot looks & inborn talent, dj ivy-v has established herself as a respected dj over her young yet fruitful career. Her inspiration to transform from a promising young model into a successful dj is greatly influenced by her growing up in a music-oriented family. After a career kick-start, dj ivy-v quickly got the gist of the technicality of the profession; and because of her brilliance, her performances have won her unique accolades in a short time. Based on her mesmerizing outlook, many renowned nightclubs have foreseen her potential to become something big. She has resided in top-notch clubs like:

2003- Face Cafe; and Club BabyFace in GZ

2005-club 426(GZ)

2006-club-vip room & club o2 (Shanghai)

2007-hotel shangeri-la jade on 36bar & club m2(shanghai)

2008-club sky(shanghai)

2009-club mint(shanghai &hongkong)

2009-club sin(shanghai)

2010-music director of the club the scene

2010-club whiteroom (malaysia)

2010-club bar rouge (shanghai)

2010-sky bar ( malaysia, KL)

2010-club soju ( malaysia, penang)

2010-milk club (malaysia KL)

2011-club G6 (malaysia KL)

2011-club whiteroom (malaysia KK)


modern sky festival 2008

midi festival 2009

inmusic festival 2009

Zoo electronic festival 2009…

music funhill festival 2010

Dj ivy-v is also appointed by world-brand Hermes ,D&G,Dior,and ferrari as special house dj for their fashion shows in asia.

Ivy-v was also featured as special guest dj at massive parties in which she spinned the decks with top-ranked djs. What makes her special is her unique style and her passion for her job. And it is exactly this passion that gives her the edge in mixing new musical ideas and styles. With progressive ,teachno, and minimal being her main focus, dj ivy-v also mixes different types of house, like deep, soulful, vocal, and funky house. The young dj ivy-v is full of energy and devotion; she understands in order to be a truly successful dj, one needs to have it all – the look AND the skills. And she has proved to us all that she is not just a pretty face.