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Ivan Nikusev is a Macedonian producer, born in 1985, who defines him self as а DJ of the OLD SQL sound of Progressive House music. Deep and strong bass lines, combined with trancy melodies and tribal elements, are something what you can hear in his sets. With his experience as a radio DJ since 2006, with radio shows and guest sets on more than twenty FM and Internet radio stations from all over the world, he wants to share his energy and good music with the people on the dance floors.

What more we can say about his production except this, read the names of the DJs that have made a remix on some of his tracks, or had any other collaboration with him, and you will get the point about him and his quality:

Airwave, Moshic, Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic, Blue Haze (Michael Burns), Kay-D, Dynamic Illusion, LoQuai, Timewave, Bobby Deep, Fernando Ferreyra, Hassan Rassmy, Domased Electronica, Relaunch, Setrise, Chris Drifter, Nick Stoynoff, Luiz B, Nas Horizon, Atrium Sun, Robert K, Krisztian (Deeper Moments), Hypnotic Hour, Shamanah, Eyecorp (RedLoft & Isaak Escamilla), Ali Inzel, Guido Percich, Vibetech, Eryo, CJ Art, Ozgur Ozkan, Matias Chilano, Neoplastic (Tropical Highlight), Silence ‘O’ Phobia, The Stain, Breeze & Quadrat, DC Project, Hypnotic Duo, Arctic Night, MSZ, Basil O’Glue, VG vs. Dave Sullivan, Eitan Carmi, Mad Morello, Junitoshi, Matt G, Lucas Hache, Matteo Monero, No Sonic Limits, Kahraman, Digital Department, Shock Osugi, Dark Soul Project, Alfoa, Shaun Ansari, Shane, Franbeats, Glyph, Tolga Diler, AquAdro, Franzis-D, Stefan DJordjevic, Dualvision, Marcelo Tocco, Simon Firth, Stanisha, T-Dallas, Biologik, Easy Groove, Paul Martinez and don’t forget his Macedonian partners Aggressor, Wav-E and Kiksu.

Starting from 2008, he released his tracks on labels such as Mistiquemusic (GEO), Deepsessions Recordings (GRE), PurpleCat Digital (MEX), Panda Recordings (BRA), Outta Limits (USA), ORA Recordings (CAN) and CLS Music (HUN). In 2010 he was exclusive artist only for Mistiquemusic, but from 2011 he become an independent artist again and started working with other labels as well, including Perfecto Records (UK), Contrast Records (ISR), Hyline Music (GER), Indigo Records (AUS), Underground City Music (RUS), Fragments Records (USA), Carica Records (RUS). His motto is JOIN THE PROGRESS !!!