Ivan L Beatport


Dj and producer of Madrid, its starts went back to principles of the 97, carrying out sets in several rooms of the zone this of the capital as: Moha, TBO, Stigmata’ after this first one takes of contact with the rooms begins a traveled through musical that carries to visit clubs in all the region as Van-Vas (Villalba), Voltereta(Alcorcn), Yasta (Madrid), Elektra (Alcorcn, being monthly resident), Room Conch, Room Digs (Alcorcn), Womad. .05,.. 06 (Cceres), Gladiator (Cceres, being monthly resident), Room Excess (San Rafael), Loop (Villalba), The old Forge (resident monthly), H3O Madrid introducing in as the developer in organization of all kinds of rave.. s in the community of Madrid, Chalets, Monasteries. In the 2003 was born Streetlight Sound Collective with the objective of bringing to light for all the Spanish geography and like effort was rewarded with the action in the Festival but important of the south zone of Spain “Womad 2005”, “Womad 2006” and since then its presence is habitual in many events Of all the geography. In the summer 2007 resides in the after Buddha Bar (Alcal of Hayfields). Since the Autumn of the 2007 is one of the residents of H3O Madrid this time with sessions but minimalists and dark… Its sets are full of force and energy; in its suitcase can listen itself since the techno but fine and minimalist to the purest force of this. One of its styles is also the HardTrance (1993-1997) great expert of this music in spite of its short age. At present arranges its career of deejay with that of musical producer in the studies of REACTION COLLECTIVE where very quick edge the light its first work in the shape of twelve-inch record.