Ivan Imerovic

Belgrade, Serbia

House, Techno


Ivan Imerovic belongs to younger generation of DJ’s who are coming through and preparing Serbia and Montenegro for the switch of generation amongst “vinyl spinners”. Ivan was born on the 15th of October 1984. and at the age of sixteen he flows into the waters of electronic music. The search for the right sound didn’t last long because Ivan very soon developed interest for the Naples scene, funky electronic sound which doesn’t allow coldness on the dance floor. The turning point in his career was when he met Alex Jovanovic. Alex led him into the world of DJing in his record store “Offinger” at the beginning of 2003. Ivan started to collect records and learn his first tricks on 2 decks. Until the February 2004, Ivan had spun at several VIP parties. On the 6th of February 2004, with Alex, Jovanovic spun at his first public party, in Chachak, in front of 400 people, who saluted with pleasure the new face at the decks. After that he played at several successful parties in club “Akademija” in Belgrade, which he had organized. After those parties, he stood out as DJ with the most exhilarating set that made the public dance all the time. In the beginning of 2005, he started his international career in Slovenia, in club “Heaven” with DJ Rayden (Slovenia), DJ BB Mike (Czech Republic) & DJ Dave J (Slovenia). After that he had spun in almost all Belgrade’s clubs such as “Bassment” with Marko Nastic, “Exile”, “Ili-Ili”, “Akademija”, “Bus”, “Order”, “Spin”, and “Andergraund”. He also played at Exit Festival in the Tuborg Green DJ Superstar stage, along with the most famous DJs in Serbia and Montenegro. His sets on 3 decks and unique performance are consisted of tracks from labels such as: Zenit, Question, Drumcode, Kanzleramt, Recycled Loops, Hardgroove, Recon Warriors, King of the Snakes, Traffica, Kompakt, SLS, Fumakilla, Superbra, Sway, Soma, Truesoul, and Nova Mute. The sound he plays comprises everything from minimal, electro to pure techno. Along with DJ CULeX he composed an organization named Mean Machine. The two of them are presenting pure DJ set (only vinyl). In that way they are trying to keep the magic of DJing.