Combining Psytrance & Electronica with oriental instruments, vocals & guitars Erez Yaffe & Sami Sabin, the ITP duo, have been producing electronic music & trance togethe... read more
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Combining Psytrance & Electronica with oriental instruments, vocals & guitars

Erez Yaffe & Sami Sabin, the ITP duo, have been producing electronic music & trance together over then 4 years. The two have already released music in various compilations around the world & their debut album – “Lose Your Illusion” – was released in the beginning of 2007 by the Australian label SunDance Records & was highly rated by the reviews.

In mid 2007 ITP were spotted by the Israeli mega-label Phonokol records as a huge potential in a world saturated with trance artists – The uniqueness, the freshness & the special timbre of ITP’s music make them one of the most intriguing acts of 2008! Nowdays Erez & Sami are working on their second album, which will be released this year!

ITP (standing for ‘Individual Thought Patterns’) is all about being good music: Combining accustic sources such as oriental instruments, vocals & guitars with electronic manipulation & high quality production, their unique & highly musical style is particularly noticeable over todays psytrance scene background & could be compared with acts like Hallucinogen, Infected Mushroom, Juno Reactor & Shpongle.

The beginning of their musical way was around the ages of 10 & 12 where they started playing the guitar & played in different rock & metal groups. As the two contiued evolving, they got to composition & synthesis studies and in 2003 they formed ITP & started producing psytrance together.

ITP’s influences

Ranging from Classical music to Freestyle Electronica, Progressive Metal to Oriental Music, Hip Hop, Trip Hop, Jazz & eventually almost anything… Bands like: Death, Shpongle, Squarepusher, Infected Mushroom, Spiral Architect, Juno Reactor, Bach, Iron Maiden, Hallucinogen, Shakti, Lamb, John Mc’laughlin, Avi Elbaz, Sub 6, Farid El Atrash, Raja Ram, Sean Malone, Cynic, Frank Zappa, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Ravi Shankar, Gentle Giant, Jethro Tull, Orphaned Land, Goa Gil, Mozart, Salim Hilali, The Guitar Trio, Ozric tentecles, Manir Bushir, Spastic Ink, Ron Jarzomback, Paco De Lucia, Gordian Knot and many more


ITP?s sound is intricate, up-for-it, humorous and cheeky. ITP are renegades ? they hate the things we hate, and they seek to take down the system not by violence, and not by peaceful protest ? but by banging tunes…… utterly fantastic. The production is perfect, with every sound getting exactly the right amount of weighting and presence. When you couple this with the talented musicianship and wonderful sense of humour that?s so frequently absented from music today, you?re looking at a very tempting prospect indeed. Bloody, bloody, bloody good!”

“Deep, smooth, powerful, colorful, silly, cynical, experimental are words that I would use to describe ITP! …… it seems that everyone who likes good, colorful, often experimental trance can find something on here to like! Spanish guitars, both acoustic and electric, crisp production, tons of well placed synth sounds and samples, very tasteful vocals……This is high quality work, not just some sound-school graduate in their cubicle, but real musicians making real, meaningful music. It certainly seems we should see more from these guys! I for one am looking forward to it!”

“My first contact with ITP’s music, and it caused me a good impression…… I recommend this release for those who like fast full on packed with funny samples and diverse influences!”

“This is a serious album…… the change between the tracks is almost imperceptible…… Erez and Sami show they know very well how to make an atmospheric music!”

“A dazzling fusion of genres which creates a vibrant intensity to their music…… It?ll blow your mind!”

ITP’s Releases:

1. ITP – Lose Your Illusion, Debut Album, SunDance Records, Australia 02/2007

2. ITP vs Star-X – The X-Patterns, We Come In Beat, Chemical Crew, Israel 12/2007

3. ITP – Do You Know ITP?, V.A – Jack in the Box, Phonokol Records, Israel 11/2007

4. ITP – Lose Your Illusion part 2.5, V.A – Snap Crackle Drop, Morning Monster Records, Australia 10/2007

5. ITP – Gato Escaldado (Special Edit), V.A – Cosmic Disorder, Buddha Mantra Records, Portugal 10/2007

6. ITP vs. U-Recken – Northern Lights, V.A ? Surya, Namaha Records, USA-India 08/2007

7. ITP vs. Nitro – Ping Pong, V.A – Ping Pong, Shivlink Records, India 07/2007

8. ITP vs. I-Drop – Individual Drop, V.A – Dizzy Function, SkyKey Records, Israel 06/2007

9. ITP & Dan Toren – Lavan Al Lavan 2007, Internet Release, ITPmusic, Israel 02/2007

10. ITP ? Sunrise, V.A – Vibraspirit 11.23, SunDance Records, Israel 12/2006

11. Nitro – Xpression (ITP Mix), V.A – Desert Dust, SkyKey Records, Israel 02/2006

12. ITP – Strange Attractors, V.A – Vibraspirit vol 23.11, SunDance Records, Australia 10/2005

Upcoming Releases:

1. ITP ? Thought, V.A – Psychofluid 2, Morphonic Records, France 02/2008

2. ITP vs SynSUN – Set the Pace, SynSUN Single + Album, Phonokol Records, Israel 02/2008

3. ITP ? Not Responding (Volcano rmx), V.A ? Power Unit, Magma Recoeds, Italy, 03/2008

4. ITP vs Twina – Tears of Joy, TBA

5. ITP’s 2nd artist album, Phonokol Records, 2008